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About San Disco

Friends interested in the content of my site, you may want to know some relevant information about the site owner. First of all, I am honored that you are interested in what I share. I introduce myself here. I’m a 30-year-old Asian Filipino, a junior programmer, and a junior programmer who likes to research search engine optimization techniques. My favorite pet dog is San Disco, so I use San Disco as a pen name. In addition, my English level is not very good, please forgive me for my poor English, which can only meet the daily language communication. Most of the content sharing depends on translation tools. I am so sorry.
I want to get paid by providing search engine optimization services for individuals or businesses to do better in areas I like, and I don’t have any businesses yet. In the future, the site may be transformed into a commercial site. I want to work with a senior SEO team.
My Google email is evtikhova.sveta4@gmail.com. All SEO enthusiasts are welcome to exchange and invite business cooperation.

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