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free Google search optimization tool

free Google search optimization tool

To do a good job of optimizing Google, you need to master every detail of the website and monitor the status of the website in real time. Once you find a problem, you must solve it in time. Details can be operated manually, and experienced people will know how to make a website. However, there are many website states that cannot be directly observed. At this time, professional SEO tools are needed to detect, and the relevant data of the website must also be provided by these tools. To do Google SEO, the SEO tool provided by Google itself is naturally the most worth using. Most of the free SEO tools I introduced also come from Google.


Seoprofiler is a relatively well-known comprehensive seo tool abroad. Provide real-time monitoring website status service, accurate data, easy background operation. I prefer two of these features, keyword ranking tracking and external link monitoring.

Keyword ranking tracking allows you to check the keyword rankings one by one without any effort, and you can also see whether the ranking trend has become higher or lower, to verify whether your SEO ideas are correct. Outer chain quality monitoring allows you to visually see the quality of each outer chain, and try to remove junk outer chains. This tool has always been a free service before, you can monitor a website, but unfortunately it is now charged, but it is still worth recommending here.

Google Analytics

Google Analytic is a free website data tracking tool provided by Google, the background function is very powerful. In addition to monitoring how much traffic comes from which countries, it can also accurately track the specific direction of website traffic and visitor behavior. These behaviors include which page the user came in from, which pages they visited, which page they left in the end, and how much time they spent on each page.

The above data can explain many questions, such as how did the customer find the website, whether they directly entered the URL or searched the specific product inner page; which pages stayed too short, whether the content is not attractive enough, need to be improved, etc. You can also cooperate with Google Adwords for advertising and remarketing, which is not enough. This is already a high-end application. You can use it according to your needs.

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is a free website status monitoring tool, you can enjoy the convenience it brings after verifying the website. This tool can help you monitor various statuses of the website such as website operation, page errors, website exposure, website inclusion, website external links, etc.

Webmasters can submit site maps here, which is very helpful for the inclusion of the site, especially the new site. If the website has a dead link, you can also remove the included dead link by removing the link to remove the adverse impact of the dead link on the website. In addition to the above functions, this tool has many uses that you can learn by yourself. Its slogan is to let more users find you and recommend it to all websites that want to do Google SEO. In addition, you can also use it to delete junk links: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/disavow-links-main

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is also a management tool for Google auction rankings, used to manage your auction ads. Some people will ask, this is an advertising management tool, and what is the relationship with Google SEO. I tell you that it can also be used to measure the quality of website pages. Anyone who has used this tool should know that your ad keywords have a quality score with three indicators: expected click-through rate, ad relevance, and landing page experience.

Let me explain. The expected click-through rate is the click-through probability of your ad after being discovered. This is mainly related to whether the ad is written well. The following two are more important, and have a reference value for us to measure the quality of web pages. Advertising relevance, that is, how much of the keywords you choose is relevant to the page; landing page experience is the user experience of the website page. These three indicators are all three evaluation criteria below average, average and above average. The overall keyword quality score is 10 points. For optimized web pages, the last two indicators are better than the average. On the basis of good performance of the first item, the overall score is higher than seven points.

Google Keyword Tool

Today’s Google keyword tool has been integrated into the Google Adwords platform, but I think it is necessary to talk about this tool separately. The main function of this tool is to help you find keywords and understand the popularity of this keyword, including the monthly search volume. Many friends complain that Google SEO is useless, and there is no inquiry on the homepage. The most likely reason is that there is no one to search for the word. No one has searched the word, and the website cannot be displayed.

No one searches for words, even if you are the first. Another time, I communicated with an SEO company, and they gave me a case of keyword homepage to show their technology. At that time, I felt that the word was relatively uncommon. Afterwards, I used the keyword tool to check. The word had no search volume, and the other party could not prove that there were impressions. Here I specifically explain that some keywords have little search volume, and when searching with this tool, it may show no search volume. At this time, we have to look at the number of keyword impressions. If the keyword is displayed, it means that there are still users searching with this word, the word is available, so it is essential to say that there is a display. I say these things mainly remind everyone that when doing Google SEO, you must be careful when choosing keywords. Be sure to combine the entire website, optimization ideas, search volume and impressions to determine keywords, which should not be changed later.

Share Tally

Sharetally is a tool for querying social signals. It covers many mainstream social platforms. You can check how many social signals your page has on each platform.

The role of social signals in Google SEO is becoming more and more important. It is necessary to know the amount of social signals that your website now has. This tool is free and accurate, and recommended.

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