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Google Adwords and SEO which is better

Google Adwords and SEO which is better

This week, one of our Google Adwords customers thought that our foreign trade website construction cost was high, so he found a local internet company. When he found a good internet company, he set up a website construction team and pulled me Coming in let me ask some questions and suggestions on how to build a foreign trade website.

The following are the requirements and suggestions I mentioned. It can be said that they are very basic, not surprising, and even more difficult.

Construction requirements for foreign trade websites promoted by Google:

1. Self-applicable mobile terminal (H5 technology adaptive design)

2. The entire website (especially the product) should be able to customize TDK (SEO title, description, keywords)

3. The ULR of the entire site (especially the product) should be readable

(For example, the ULR corresponding to the “PVC glove dipping machine” is the best

xxx. com / PVC-glove-dip machine


4. After successfully submitting the query, jump to the new prompt page. (Conversion tracking code can be easily installed in the future)

5. Breadcrumb navigation

6. The H1 tag is used for the title in the product details page

7. Implementation of other SEO aspects.
Fearing that the local station construction company was too complicated and difficult to realize, he particularly urged the following sentence.

“These requirements are the most basic and important. If it is difficult to implement, please contact me to see if it can be changed.”

Therefore, local website construction companies are reluctant.

Do you see a so-called professional website construction company actually saying:

“As long as you can open the website, you can open the Google promotional account.”

“All website promotions are not related to website plans”

“Their company is doing promotion in China and they are implementing such a plan”

The relationship between Google promotions and Google SEO:

the difference

What is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords (formerly known as Google Adwords) are Google keyword ads that appear at the top or bottom of Google search results pages, with approximately 4-7 ad positions per page. Google Adwords is a pay-per-click advertisement that only shows no clicks and no salary. The effects of Google Adwords are usually immediate.

What is Google SEO?

Google SEO is based on the Google search engine ranking mechanism and principles to optimize, correct and improve the necessary SEO aspects of the website so that it meets the Google SEO indicators to reach the top and top. However, the effect of Google SEO is very slow, especially when starting a new site, it will take at least three months or even half a year or even a few years to take effect. However, the effect of GoogleSEO will accumulate over time. The more impressive the effect, the premise is that you often have to update and optimize.

Relationship (note that this is very important)

Google promotion and Google SEO seem to be different, but in fact the two are complementary.

Websites built using SEO technology are also more in line with the requirements of Google ADS promotions for advertising landing pages (also called landing pages).

Here, we first talk about the basis of Google’s advertising rankings.

Google rankings are based on keyword quality scores and keyword bid limits.

Quality score depends on factors such as the historical click-through rate of the keyword, the relevance of the keyword to the landing page, and the user experience of the landing page.

The foreign trade station built by SEO technology, under the promotion of Google, when competing with peers for ranking, even if the keyword’s single-click bid is lower than peers, it can still exceed peer rankings due to its high quality score. (Too much to say here, very important)

At this point, you can review the “Website promotion requirements promoted by Google” mentioned by the website building company I mentioned above, whether it comes from the search engine experience or UEO (user experience), which can greatly improve the effect.

Therefore, the construction of the foreign trade station is indeed very important. In Google promotion, foreign trade stations built using SEO technology are usually better than foreign trade stations built without SEO technology.

The idea of ​​”having a website to promote” is wrong and bizarre.

Which is better Google promotion or Google SEO?

In the long run, Google SEO is a must, and as time goes by, the effect will become better and better in the future. We can think of Google SEO as a business. The promotion effect of Google is immediate, and the keyword coverage is very wide. In addition to the unlimited number of keywords, Google also supports multiple matching methods, such as broad matching, phrase matching, and negative matching. In this way, no matter what words your customers search for (the premise is related to your business), you can find you, and Google Optimization is slightly inferior in this regard.

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