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Google optimization suggestions shared by San Disco

First of all, we need to remind you that the ranking referred to here is Google’s natural ranking, and the page snapshot ranking on the left. In fact, many people in this natural ranking want to place their website on it, because it can bring very considerable traffic to your website, so that more people who need it (the customers who search for the term) can find you through search. And this also means that you can bring you new customers, so many companies, manufacturers, companies have started or have already begun to think of various ways to improve the natural ranking of their website, if you are interested, welcome to read below : Ways to Improve Google Ranking

Advantages of Natural Ranking:

1. No charge, countless clicks are not required to pay a penny to Google

2. The left side of the ranking is in line with the search habits of visitors, and the traffic brought by you is much better than that of Adwords Google promotion: opening an account for auction ranking …

To improve your page ’s ranking in Google, you can use the following methods:

The website should have a clear hierarchy and text links. Every web page should be openable by at least one static text link.

Provide users with a site map listing links to important parts of the site. If the sitemap has more than or about 100 links, you need to split the sitemap into multiple web pages.

The website should be practical and informative, and the page text should clearly and accurately describe the content to be communicated.

Think about the words your users use to find your page, and make sure that the site actually contains that text.

Try to use text rather than pictures to display important names, content, or links. Google’s crawler doesn’t recognize the text contained in the image.

Make sure the “title” element and the ALT attribute are descriptive and accurate.

Check for broken links and make sure the HTML is well-formed.

If you are using dynamic web pages (i.e. URLs that contain “?” Characters), please note that not every search engine crawler can crawl dynamic and static web pages. Shortening the parameter length and reducing the number of parameters can help in this case.

Limit links on specific pages to a reasonable number (less than 100).

Please strictly abide by the following rules, otherwise your website is likely to be removed from google ranking!

Do not use hidden text or hidden links.

Please do not use hidden or deceptive redirects.

Please do not send automatic queries to Google.

Please do not load pages with irrelevant keywords.

Do n’t create multiple pages, subdomains, or domains with lots of duplicate content.

Please do not create web pages that are fraudulent or contain viruses, Trojan horses, or other harmful software.

Do n’t create “bridge pages” specifically for search engines, or use other cookie cutter methods such as affiliate programs that have little or no original content.

If your site is part of an affiliate program, make sure your site adds value to it. Provide unique and relevant content that gives users a reason to visit your site first.

Don’t use the following link methods to improve Google rankings:

Attempts to manipulate PageRank links

Links to prohibited sites or “bad neighbors” on the web

Too many reciprocal links or exchange links (ie “you link me, I link you”)

Buy or sell links to boost PageRank

You can also improve your google ranking by:

Website construction content is done well. This is the premise, good website content is naturally attractive, can retain people, popularity has increased, and search engines will naturally pay attention to you.

Website structure optimization is also important. A good website structure makes it easy for Google and other search engines to search. Details will be discussed in detail later.

Website pages are optimized. Optimization includes page layout optimization, page text layout processing, picture optimization, etc. There are many details. Website optimization is not a panacea, it just makes your webpage easier for Google to retrieve and index. In general, it is not possible to rank any keyword before search results through website optimization. For example, a website that sells cosmetics cannot be optimized before entering the search results of the word “movie”. Therefore, web page optimization is not a cheating method, and ranking techniques are not a single web page optimization.

Label optimization. It just helps search engines understand your webpage more easily. Now search engines are not as simple as before, but they are better to be honest. It is reasonable to design, and there are some techniques.

External link of website. Establishing external connections is more effective than Google rankings. If you can establish many external links in a short period of time, it can only clarify that your friendship link strategy is well done, it is not cheating. But how to make friendship connection more effective, these are some technical issues. Of course, the same is not cheating.

The PR value is a cumulative process.

Website traffic. Everyone knows that website traffic is important for ranking. If a website can quickly increase traffic over a period of time, it will be helpful, but what is the ranking for? It is for traffic, so it is not easy to cheat on traffic.


At present, SEOs at home and abroad are studying the elements of website rankings, and I heard that there are more than a hundred. But the techniques that can be grasped are nothing more than the most basic ones. At present, as long as you can do all of the above for your website, then getting a good ranking on Google should be a natural thing

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