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Google Search Optimization Cost or Budget

Google Search Optimization Cost or Budget .

When executives are doing Internet marketing planning, they will think about the issue of doing Google Adwords and SEO. First of all, both of these are the most important marketing promotion methods at present. Almost all the Fortune 500 companies or small and medium-sized companies around you have already transferred company marketing promotion to search engines. We call this marketing promotion, or advertising, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) search engine marketing. Google search optimization costs are almost free compared to Search Engine Marketing.

Let’s talk about the key points directly. Do n’t waste money on advertising! So is Google Google Adwords or SEO effective?

GoogleADwords is that users provide product promotion and company introduction content on the Google search page. Once the user clicks, it will link to your company’s landing page (target access page). Each time you click, you need to pay Google a certain click fee. Google’s accurate judgment algorithm allows users to place advertisements with confidence and bring set traffic to them. Google keyword advertising Google Adwords often mentions that the full name of PPC is Pay PerClick, that is, the effective cost-per-click, also commonly referred to as pay-per-click advertising. Pay-per-click advertising PPC is one of the most common methods in many online marketing methods.

Search Engine Optimization | SEO

The full English name of search engine optimization SEO is “searchengine optimization” or “search engine optimization”. The marketing and promotion goals of search engine optimization are different from the results you see on the Google search results page with AD (advertising) tags. Websites that have been search engine optimized will naturally appear on the first or top three positions of the search page. The time it takes to reach the SEO of the expected Google ranking depends on several factors, such as whether the keyword competition in your industry is fierce, whether your website has been punished by Google, and whether your website has been optimized before, etc. . Google search optimization costs need to consult with an outsourcing company, evaluate the pricing based on your website, and the final cost will be much cheaper than CPC advertising.

Search engine optimization is to gradually improve the natural ranking of the website in Google through a series of measures such as optimizing your website and establishing efficient links; Google ADWords is the cost you need to pay Google for each effective click , Google will present your promotion content in the specific advertising area of ​​the search results. We often tell customers that SEO search engine optimization is your ultimate goal. If you rank your website up and keep it in that position, then it ’s like planting a cash cow and what products can be sold. You know, the top three rankings under Google ads can attract almost 85% of traffic. Google ADWords is like a stimulant. Once you stop paying, your website will still not be found, and your product will be left unattended.

The traffic brought by SEO search engine optimization is free, and most users are willing to click on the websites they searched instead of advertising sites. We usually recommend that users focus on search engine optimization, but you can also put a little resources in Google paid advertising PPC paid search. For newcomers, choose two for comprehensive use, on the one hand to take into account business growth, but also pay attention to the long-term cultivation of the website. The focus on SEO or PPC also depends on your business area, business model, and the intensity of competition in Google search for the entire industry. Search engine optimization is a long-term, low-cost, high-output strategic development plan. PPC is a high-cost but can directly see the results, but it is an effective short-term fast strategy.

Speaking of this first, our next topic will discuss how to do Google paid advertising. Whether it is a Westerner or an overseas Chinese, more than 95% are using Google and Bing, and 90% of shopping information or online shopping is done through Google. Rather than advertising on some ineffective newspapers and WeChat, spend some energy on Google to promote your business. Your ranking in Google has improved, and your business must have the opportunity to spread all over the world.

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