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Google SEO must do a few things

How long does it take to improve Google’s ranking? No one can give an accurate answer. Of course, except for those who use special methods to go up, but these special methods have been maintained for a long time. SEO does not happen in a vacuum. Each situation provides a unique set of variables. The 301seo team summarizes the following methods to improve your keyword ranking skills:

SEO skills, budget, level of competition, and how your website competes with competitors will affect how fast your keyword rankings increase. So, remember this, let’s break it down in a more quantitative sense, and review what you can do to make things faster.

Continuous improvement is essential

During the office hours meeting of the Google Webmaster Center in March last year, there was a question of how long it took to see the ranking increase.

Google senior network analyst John Mueller emphasized that this will take some time. In short, because the search engine’s algorithm must re-evaluate the entire site after implementing changes.

Mueller also confirmed that even if you make huge changes to the design and function of the site, it may still take months or even a year to make an impact.

He also warned that you should not just sit there and wait for the results after your website is upgraded. It is best to continue working on your website, continuous improvement is the ultimate goal.

Continuous improvement is important because it can have a positive effect on the crawling and indexing of the website. Low-quality URLs are crawled frequently by Googlebot, which can theoretically extend the re-evaluation time.

In other words, it is not a good idea to automatically delete infrequent crawling pages. Some of these pages may be valuable key phrase ranking and deletion may negatively affect your ranking.

This risk is the main reason why Google recommends continuous improvement in page removal.

How long does it take to rank on Google?

AHFRESs research found some interesting information about how long it takes for Google to rank.

The main takeaway methods are:

On average, the top 10 pages are older than 2 years. In addition, the average age of the number one page is close to 3 years.

Only 22% of the top 10 web pages are less than one year old.

Of all the pages studied, only 10% of the pages had search results for at least one keyword within a year.

Zooming in to the top 6% of pages, most of them are able to enter the top 10 from no ranking within 2 to 6 months.

How to improve your Google keyword ranking

As you can see, it takes a lot of hard work, skills and luck to reach the top 10 in less than a year. This brings us back to today ’s discussion of how to improve Google ’s ranking.

So, if you want to increase sales and conversion rate by putting the website on the first page of Google, here are the five steps.


1. Start with a solid foundation for optimization

Poor website structure and information architecture may destroy the best SEO activities.

If your website is difficult for users to browse and Google crawl, your ranking is likely to be affected.

Consider “availability first” on mobile platforms. This is the road to success.

Perform technical search engine optimization audits

Google’s algorithm contains hundreds (if not thousands) of signals, plus machine learning to determine search rankings.

That said, leaning towards SEO foundation will give you an advantage over many competitors.

The following is a step-by-step process.

Fix duplicate content

Duplicate content issues are often related to technical issues. The most common are multiple versions of the same page.

For example, http://www.yousite.com, https://www.yousite.com, http://yousite.com, and https://yousite.com will be considered by Google as four different pages with the same content .

This can be solved by setting appropriate redirection rules in the .HTAccess file.


2. Adapt the website to mobile devices

With Google launching the mobile first index, your website needs to pass a mobile-friendly test.

Our crawling, indexing and ranking system usually uses the desktop version of the page content … Mobile-first indexing means we will use the mobile version of the page for indexing and ranking … ”

To avoid the collapse of mobile rankings, you should optimize access speed

Think about what your website users want to do once they log in. They need to be able to complete these basic tasks smoothly and without difficulty, even if they are multi-tasking.

What are the top three to five goals for your website visitors? Make sure they can be completed on your mobile website without any difficulty.

Do your visitors find themselves constantly scrolling to access the services or products you provide?


3. Speed ​​up the access speed of web pages

Whether it is mobile or desktop version, you must constantly monitor the access speed and continue to improve.

Use the Google PaPeSPED tool to benchmark performance.

Here is how to perform page speed optimization:

Image file size

Use your favorite image editing program.

Before uploading, you can further optimize your images by using image compression and optimization tools.

Finally, always confirm that the size of the image is suitable for the reserved image space to maintain a clean and organized appearance.

Browser cache

When a web browser loads a page, it loads a lot of resources. The browser cache stores these resource files locally on the user’s computer. This way, when the user navigates to a new page, these resources do not have to be loaded again.

For most sites, the best way to enable browser caching is to add code to the web host / server.HTAccess file.

For WordPress, there are plugins to complete this task.

Script processing

Before loading countless JS and CSS files to enhance your site, make sure you actually need these additional enhancements because they will eventually slow down your site.

You can also shrink the file by uncommenting it, for example, to keep it running fast.

If it is possible to combine multiple scripts into one file, so that only one call calls the server to load all scripts.


4. Link work

Internal links and external links have a huge influence on the ranking of websites.

Here are some tips to optimize your link:

Fix broken links

Many website owners have a habit of ignoring broken links. This can create a less than ideal user experience.

By using tools such as W3C Link Checker to run crawls on the site, you can easily discover 404 errors and fix them.

Match the anchor text exactly

It may be harmful to abuse the exact matching anchor text as an external link strategy, but it still plays a big role in selecting internal anchor text.

Refer the website to a link

Notify your site by setting up Google management.

This will help you track relevant information and ranking of your website.


5. Page optimization

Google wants to help you solve this problem. They have created a search engine optimization (SEO) introductory guide aimed at anyone interested in promoting online content through Google search.

Just like website architecture, just doing basic work, as explained in this guide, will allow you to surpass many competitors.

Best Practices

Tell Google what your page is about

This is achieved by adding structured data throughout the site. In this way, Google can easily understand the content of each page.

Schema is Google’s preferred format.

Mode types include navigation, business, product, author, etc.

Create unique, short, descriptive headlines

Create a natural and descriptive title instead of a series of keywords.

Each page needs a unique title.

Optimized and clickable meta description

Although meta descriptions have no direct effect on the ranking of websites, they play an important role in CTR. This in turn will increase your search volume.

Therefore, make sure that all descriptions are unique. If you do n’t use a description, or if Google does n’t like your description, they will automatically generate one.

personal opinion

As Google continues to crack down on spam sites, anyone who takes digital marketing seriously needs to take a long-term view.

The strategy mentioned above is neither sexy nor new. However, they do require work and continuous resource investment.

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