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how to do google search optimization?


how to do google search optimization? Friends who click on this article should have known it, or even very familiar with it. Google SEO is a complicated job, which includes website construction, code optimization, keyword selection, article creation, internal chain layout, external chain publishing, effect tracking, etc., which is much more complicated than writing a program. But this is a position that does not require high job skills, or anyone can become an SEOer. Getting started with SEO is simple. There may be 800 people out of a thousand people who are suitable for this job, but there may be only one person who can concentrate on research and become an SEO expert. It can be said that SEO experts are the best in the world. After becoming an industry elite, they turned around and told newcomers what is Google search optimization is. Let me introduce you to Google SEO.

wordpress google search optimization

Search engine optimization needs to start from the website construction, wordpress has good support for Google SEO, most of the websites on the market are made with wordpress. WordPress has the characteristics of simple and convenient operation, strong expandability, etc., and is deeply loved by the webmasters.

I recommend the necessary wordpress plugin for novices:

Google XML Sitemaps This is a very widely used XML sitemap plugin, through which you can easily generate Sitemap for your WordPress blog, which is convenient for search engines to crawl your blog articles

All in One SEO Pack This is a powerful and free SEO plugin, which provides almost the most comprehensive SEO features, including common SEO settings such as website TDK, keywords, index settings, and webmaster tools, which can help WordPress websites Improve SEO function, improve search engine rankings, many people use it to set keywords and website optimization strategies

The Classic Editor WordPress website enables earlier versions of traditional editors and old-style editing article pages containing TinyMCE, meta box, etc. And can be used by other plugins that extend the old-style editor. The new editor of wordpress is not everyone’s favorite, but the classic editor is always convenient to modify text

Install the above 3 plug-ins, you can achieve the basic functions of the website, if you want to conduct a higher level of SEO, you need to read this more professional article

google search optimization method

Increasing the quality of website content must not only maintain originality, but also ensure quality. Good content is not only beneficial to the user experience, but also helps to enhance the search engine’s friendliness to the website, content inclusion and website weight. Reasonable website structure allows Google to easily search most of the content of the website, include a large number of pages, and pay more attention to the company’s website. It is a very important factor in ranking, and almost all search engines like to recognize web pages through some tags. , To judge the website, so this article can not be ignored.

The search engine selects the website by keywords, and the title of the website is the main destination for the search engine to search for keywords. First, determine the keywords of the website, and then reflect the keywords to the title, paragraph content, (text content) Header and footer etc. go inside. The overall optimization of the site is one of the overall structure, and the second is the content of the text, focusing on keyword optimization in the text content. Also called “link breadth”, it is the main method used by Google to judge the value of a website. External links refer to friendly links for search engines.High-quality external links refer to websites that establish links with their own websites with high visibility and large visits. At the same time, there are relatively few external links, which helps to quickly improve their website popularity and Ranking.

To make the traffic of your own website as good as possible, the first one is to do a good job of the website content, retain users who have visited your website, let them remember your website the first time they visit your website, and next time If you need relevant information, you will come to your website.

Google search optimization tool

Google Search Console   The new website must be verified, so that Google can quickly crawl your website, and you can also obtain Google organic search data from this tool.

Chrome DevTools   This is a plugin for Google Chrome. Go deeper into the “Developer tools” section of the “More tools” menu to access the webpage source code. The loading time waterfall chart shows the loading time of each element on the page. The Lighthouse audit tool provides optimized performance ‘S suggestion.

SEOquake   This free Google Chrome plug-in provides key SEO indicators, as well as other useful tools, showing a complete report of instant keyword evaluation, internal/external links, determining the density of keywords and configuring stopword lists, and performing web page Full SEO audit, including checking mobile compatibility.

ahref   One of the top crawlers on the market, it maintains one of the world’s largest backlink indexes, crawling more than 12 trillion historical backlinks and 6 billion web pages every day. This search engine optimization tool also includes specific keyword research, continuous SEO monitoring, page ranking tracking, page content research, and excellent domain name comparison and other functions.

Google search optimization costs

Small companies generally hire several SEOers and need to pay about $ 50,000 per year. This is not a small expense. Smart bosses will hand over SEO business to outsourcing companies, which can save a lot of money in a year. What are the benefits of outsourcing SEO business?

1.Improve efficiency

SEO outsourcing is beyond the recruitment of SEO specialists in certain technical aspects, because doing SEO industry, web development is inevitable, SEO specialists are relatively new to certain procedures, and can not do effective page fine-tuning, etc. Improve overall efficiency.

2.Focus on core business

The company’s outsourcing business in the SEO field can enable the company to focus on its core business, so that it can focus on the business and compete with competitors.

3.Start project quickly

SEO outsourcing services can enable its projects to start as soon as possible, it does not require research, organization, human recruitment, etc.

4.reduce risk

SEO outsourcing companies greatly reduce risks. SEO outsourcing service providers can absorb most of the risks. Most SEO outsourcing company contracts will have refunds.

5.A level playing field

Large companies have their own SEO team, while small and medium-sized enterprises have their own SEO outsourcing team, so that small and medium-sized enterprises can compete with large companies in Internet marketing.

How to choose an SEO outsourcing company?

1. Looking at the ranking of their company’s website, many companies do not rank their own business websites, and still do SEO optimization for customers. Do you believe that some seo outsourcing companies with low strength will choose speculative means to obtain short-term benefits. These seo companies may use a lot of links to get a good ranking for a keyword, and then advertise how old they are and how professional the seo optimization technology is.

2. It is not easy to check the professional level of seo outsourcing companies, because seo entry is low, companies that basically do websites all claim to be seo, and the seo they make seems to meet the relevant requirements. However, a truly professional seo company must have a master program, a marketing team, and the ability and strategy to rank keywords on the home page

3. Check out the successful cases of outsourcing companies. Professional seo companies must have strong strength and be able to cooperate with many formal companies. Their seo cases are also worth studying.

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