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How to do search engine marketing?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a broad concept, but it is also our ultimate goal for SEO. If we only conduct SEO for SEO, then the work we do will not have much value, because technology is only a means, and marketing is our ultimate goal.

Search engine marketing (SEM) contains many aspects. As we all know, search engine marketing is pursuing the highest price-performance ratio, that is, obtaining the maximum number of search engine visits and creating business value with minimal investment. The work we do only makes sense when it generates value. A considerable part of seoer blindly pursues keyword ranking. The result is usually a few months to produce keywords that rarely compete on the homepage, but there is no conversion rate, and ultimately a lot of energy is wasted. No results work. However, this does not exclude the keyword ranking tasks that certain online companies specifically perform for customers. In fact, everyone knows that websites with keyword rankings will have traffic, but I think we should face the market when executing seo. Care must be taken when determining target keywords. Choosing the right keywords can do more with less. On the contrary, this is a “pleasant contribution”. Let us briefly discuss with you how to conduct search engine marketing, that is, search engine marketing?

First, do it well at the station. No matter what type of website you are, do n’t give up website optimization, because good website optimization will make our website perform well in search engines, and can attract a lot of intentional traffic through long-tail words. What I want to say here is that the types of websites are different and the emphasis is different. For example, you cannot compare an information portal and a single product page website. The former requires a lot of information, and site optimization is particularly important. But the latter is not very operable in the station, it is best to put the main energy outside the station, that is, network promotion.

The second one is optimization outside the station. This is what I just said about network promotion. In other words, we can do a lot of work, but if one of us is doing well, it will benefit us a lot. How to do network promotion?

First, it is necessary to clarify the difference between network promotion and site optimization. What is the purpose of our network promotion? The answer is obvious: add external links, increase the weight of the website, and use third-party platforms to get keyword rankings. The third point is what we call “lending capacity.” How can we better use third-party platforms to obtain good keyword rankings?

Weight of website. When we choose a third-party platform for promotion, we must first check its weight. I believe no one will send messages on unpopular platforms. There are many tools to check the weight of a website. Aizhan is a good query platform. Baidu’s weight values, keyword rankings, inclusions, snapshots, etc. at a glance. Select the platform and continue to the next step.

Website type. The most common categories of websites are classified information, B2B, Q & A platforms, BBS, blogs, etc. Be aware of certain characteristics of these websites. Take the medical industry as an example. If you are a website selling health care products, some platforms may have certain restrictions, such as some sensitive words. However, I would like to share an effective method with you here: that is, search for target keywords in the industry, such as “psoriasis topical medicine”, and see which platforms are ranked. Obviously, except for the official website www.baxuangao.com, the rankings are all third-party platforms. This is a good lever. Although your website is not ranked, you can still import traffic through other platforms to complete transactions.

Site characteristics. Taking classification information as an example, the characteristics of each classification information are different. Some days can only send one, some can send unlimited, some audits are very strict, some encourage everyone to send more, some can only send VIP …. etc., only master the characteristics of each platform, We can be the goal. Then improve our work efficiency.

Information content. We understand the characteristics and weights of the major platforms, and then we must check the quality of the articles to be published. Even if it is a third-party platform, if there are many duplicate articles, it will not be ranked. Search engines like original content. If we cannot make pure original works, then pseudo-original is the second choice. Writing headlines, performing keyword density, keyword layout, and using words everywhere will also produce good results.

Persevere. Ma Yun said: A person without power can do nothing. This is not the case for our online promotions. The goal of online promotion is to achieve effective results. No matter how much is posted, I do n’t know how to master the methods and skills. Internet promotion is a long-term job. The most important thing is to insist that you need a peaceful attitude. Don’t shake the established strategy within ten days and a half, and see no effect. It needs to be distributed frequently to form a comprehensive coverage of most Internet platforms, and the role of network promotion is just around the corner.

Content is king, external is king. Whether “King” is important or “Empire” is the focus, this requires most webmasters to master. Make different promotion strategies according to different website types. In order to achieve our promotion purpose, this is the meaning of our network promotion. These are my personal views on search engine marketing. Of course, SEM is a broad concept. I just just shared 1% of the knowledge with you.

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  1. SEM is very efficient, but also very expensive. SEO is slower, but it can reduce costs and increase display time. There is no doubt that the two marketing methods can be operated at the same time, which can maximize the number of customers.

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