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How to find Google external links

External links are an important part of Google SEO. San Disco explained in detail what is an external link, why to build an external link, how to build an external link, how to get your website to get an external link, and how to build a foreign trade website to publish an external link. “Google’s foreign trade optimization strategy”

What is an external link (backlink)?

External links are links from other websites to your own website. Search engines treat each of these links as a “vote” on our website and content.

Why do foreign trade websites need external links?

External links are basically “votes” from other websites. Each of these votes tells search engines: “The content is valuable, credible, and useful.” As a result, the more these votes a website gets, the higher its ranking in Google and other search engines. In fact, external links form the basis of Google’s original algorithm (“PageRank”). Although Google has made thousands of changes to its algorithm, external links are still important ranking signals.

How to build a website external link?

Not all external links are the same. That said, if you want to rank on Google, you need to focus on building high-quality external links. A single high-quality external chain may be more effective than N low-quality external chains.

High-quality external links all have the same five characteristics:

1.External links come from trusted authoritative websites

The more permissions a linked website has, the more permissions it can pass to its own website (through external links).

2. Include your own target keywords in the anchor text of the link

Anchor text is the visible text portion of a link, and research has shown that there is a correlation between the anchor text’s external links with keywords and the higher ranking of the keyword. So try to keep our anchor text as targeted as possible.

3. Link to websites related to your own website

If we have published an article about the Football World Cup, then we had better link it to sports related websites.

4. The established external link is a dofollow link

Google and Baidu search engines ignore links with the “nofollow” tag. Dofollow links are the only links that add weight to the website. Dofollow links should be made as much as possible.

5. External links to multiple websites

Assume that the link we got from website A is 100 weights, and website A links to our own website again. Then again, again. The second, third, and fourth link weights are gradually decreasing, and it is better to get links from multiple different websites rather than N links from the same website.

How to get high quality external links for your website?

In general, there are three ways to get high-quality external links for our own website:

Must have a technically optimized website, here are the technical issues we need to look for: website loading speed, mobile device friendliness, duplicate web content, 302 redirects,

404 errors, specification errors, duplicate meta data, incorrect usage of instructions (noindex, nofollow, etc.) must have a strong website architecture. For example, breadcrumb navigation must have high-quality original content. The content does not need to be perfect, but do not post Spam.

How should a new website build an external link?

A new website should be built around the relevance of the content of the website. Relevance does not have to be completely relevant, but it must always be related to our website.

Forum Blog

General related forums are the first choice, but don’t go to some spam forums, this will not help our website. Google found that spam forums generally use the following methods:

Too many outbound links on the homepage: The number of outbound links to the homepage on a high-quality website is not excessive.

Outbound links have nothing to do with each other: there will be links to gambling sites, search engine optimization sites, fitness sites, etc., which makes no sense.

The content of each article is small: Google’s Panda algorithm detects the length of the article.

social media

Social media websites are also a good choice. Our foreign trade website should have:



Google + (personal and business)

LinkedIn (Personal & Business)



Refining our website or corporate content on these social media will be of great help to our Google SEO. Then focus on a certain platform that we are good at, such as facebook.

The construction of external links is a long-term process, and we can keep the website’s external links working well.

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