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How to optimize foreign trade website

How to do good search engine optimization for foreign trade websites

How to do good search engine optimization for foreign trade websites

Last year I chatted with a friend in the foreign trade industry and talked about foreign trade website SEO during this time. Friends in this industry told me that many foreign trade websites now speak English, which is nonsense, just like some domestic corporate websites plus a set of English The same version is a chicken rib! I asked him: “Why is this? Doesn’t a foreign trade website sell products to foreigners?” The friend said in a word, we are Chinese customers!

Think about it, this friend is also right. There are Chinese people all over the world. It may not be promising to be a Chinese foreign trade website. At the beginning, the first batch of Internet entrepreneurs, Li Yanhong, Zhang Chaoyang, and Yang Zhiyuan, just contacted the Internet. After a lot of websites, but did not see Chinese, did I return to China to start a business? Now there are many Chinese people across the country. It is estimated that many people are looking for Chinese websites. Is there no business opportunity?

To be a foreign trade Chinese website, if you want to see the effect, it is very important to do Google SEO optimization. Compared with Baidu, Google is relatively fair, and the audit is stricter. The most important thing is that although Google failed in China Going Huashan, however, it still has a large market share in other countries, so if you want to see the benefits of foreign trade websites, you should focus on Google!

So, how do foreign trade websites do Google’s search engine optimization? From the industry experience, Google pays more attention to the quality of the website itself, that is, you do a good job of the website, what templates to build a website, free website, second-level domain sites are Don’t choose, custom website is the best policy.

In addition, for your own website construction, you must meet these requirements:

1. Website code is neat. The website program design must adopt the seo standard design. The code structure of each module is kept uniform and conforms to relevant technical standards. Do not or avoid redundant code as much as possible. In this way, self-optimization of the website can be achieved to a certain extent.

2. Web design is good for search engine retrieval. Setting up site navigation can not only guide you with clicks, but also provide branch crawl paths for search engine spiders. For the design of website navigation, you should choose breadcrumb navigation, so that users and spiders can better understand where they are. The homepage can add an overall site map, and highlight the current largest user demand traffic page on the homepage.

3. The website’s three major tabs are rationalized. Professionals who design a foreign trade website for SEO optimization know that to make a website well, it is very important to set up website labels. A good label setting is conducive to improving website clicks and rankings, and more attractive to users who just want to enter your website. This also returns to the original intention of SEO, all from the user’s perspective. Each webpage can independently set the title, keywords, and description, but it must be indispensable, especially the setting of effective keywords, and the layout of the keywords on the webpage content must meet the density requirements to facilitate search engine identification.

4. Focus on static HTML pages. A large number of dynamic web pages are not conducive to Google retrieval. Compared to dynamic web pages, static web pages refer to web pages that do not have a back-end database, do not include programs, and are not interactive. Static web pages are relatively troublesome to update, and are suitable for display sites that generally have fewer updates. It is easy to misunderstand that static pages are all pages such as htm. In fact, static pages are not completely static. They can also have a variety of dynamic effects, such as GIF animation, FLASH, rolling subtitles, and so on. The use of static HTML on the website can increase the access speed and is easy for search engines to collect. Of course, there is a need for dynamic pages, so it can also be converted into a pseudo-static form to meet the needs of different customers.

5. Do website updates regularly. Remember the pseudo-original? It is a helpless move to enrich the content of the website and to be included in the search engine. Similarly, Google ’s judgment on weight is one of the content of the website. Website richness helps optimization.

As a foreign trade website doing Google SEO optimization, there are no shortcuts, because Google’s punishment is more severe than Baidu. The fundamental purpose of Google search is to present the most valuable website to its users. This value is determined by the website itself. , The more valuable, the better the ranking, and the purpose of optimizing the website is to increase the value of the website.

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