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How to use wordpress for Google search optimization?

How wordpress optimizes Google search?If you own a website made by wordpress, you will know the importance of Google SEO. The significance of the existence of the website is to display information on the Internet merchants, the corporate website is created to display and promote their own products, if no SEO optimization, then no one knows the existence of this website. Search engine optimization is one of the channels for online promotion, and building a website will inevitably require search engine optimization.

Submit sitemap using Google Webmaster Tools

· I suggest that when doing SEO, first submit a Sitemap through Google Webmaster Tools , Of course, including those pages that are hidden deeper. In fact, this is a way for websites and search engines to talk. Here I recommend everyone to use a plugin called “Google XML Sitemaps”. Register an account with Google Webmaster Tools and you will be prompted to do so.

Optimize website title

· Optimize the title of the title page, do not display the Blog name in front of the article title, because in the search results, the page title will be highlighted, putting the Blog name in front will cause it to be hidden because it is too long, At the same time, it is not conducive for visitors to pay attention to the title of the article itself in the first place. We can replace the source code to solve this problem.

Set up the robots.txt file

· From the SEO point of view, the robots.txt file must be set, this is because: using the robots.txt file can block the minor links before URL rewriting optimization, and block some keywords without Page. The robots.txt file must be placed in the root directory of the website, and can be successfully accessed through /robots.txt, indicating that the site is placed correctly. If the robots.txt file is placed in a subdirectory, the search engine cannot crawl it and it will not play any role.

Improve the user experience of the sidebar

· Adjust the sidebar, some people have to ask, what is the relationship between adjusting the right sidebar and search engine optimization? This question is very good. Of course it matters, because the clear and concise sidebar can improve the optimization experience optimization. We want to put the most frequently used columns by users in front.

Accumulate backlinks

· We need a lot of backlinks, because a large number of links to your blog can improve your PageRank, and can make your blog more advanced in search results.

Let users browse more pages

· WordPress has a shortcoming, that is, itw can only turn one page at a time. If you have a lot of pages, then your previous articles will be hidden deeper, and many excellent articles will not get the attention they deserve. So what should we do? We need to use a paging plugin PageNavi at this time.

Provide short and useful information

· Everyone knows that there are many SEO tips, but no amount of tips is as good as writing original articles. Search engines like original articles very much. If your article is ranked after the third page in the search results, then it will not have a substantial impact on your blog. The content of the article must be concise and powerful, not long.

Filter spam comments

The eighth point: spam messages will affect the performance of Blog in search engines. We need to install a plugin that automatically filters spam comments. Akismet is recommended.

One last point: insist on updating every day. If you want your wordpress to get a better ranking, then you need to read the above carefully.

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