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Search Engine Optimization Marketing and SEO

Search engine optimization marketing refers to an optimization behavior that uses search engine ranking rules to increase the number and ranking of target sites included in natural search results. Good marketing effect. Through SEO, you can get free and high-quality traffic, this is a marketing plan that every company and company must do.


1. Low price, no need to worry about malicious clicks

SEO optimization is aimed at all search engines. The general search engines are charged annually, and there will be no annual charges. Compared with the bidding, the price is cheaper;

2. Strong stability

Once your promotion is effective, the promotion effect is almost stable and long-term effective;

3. Cross-search engine platform

SEO optimization is done for all search engines, as long as the SEO method is white hat, professional, and user experience oriented, then you can not only harvest the traffic from Baidu, Google, Sogou, 360, Yahoo will all have different degrees Approves your website, thus giving you a good placement. With SEM, different search engines have different service mechanisms.

4. No need to increase other budgets to increase traffic

To increase PPC traffic, you must increase your budget. But SEO is different. SEO optimization is a bit like snowballing. Although it is unremarkable at the beginning, once the snowball rolls up and the mechanism is established, it is bound to have full stamina. The effect will be more prominent in the future, without you investing more.

5. Stop spending, remaining traffic

Many customers take SEM cost divided by CPC to calculate whether SEO service cost is more cost-effective than SEM, which is obviously unreasonable. Because unlike SEM, traffic stops when there is no money in the account. The natural traffic of a website that has been optimized by professional SEO will not disappear immediately because you stop the SEO service. On the contrary, this traffic will last for a long period of time. The flow rate is basically stable. Therefore, if you really want to count, you should compare at least 2 years of SEO traffic with one year of SEM traffic.

6. Higher trust

Compared with SEM, SEO has higher user trust. After all, SEM is also a kind of commercial advertisement. The user clicks itself to hold an attitude of looking at the advertisement. If he is not satisfied, he jumps to the next article. Natural ranking is different. Users will think that websites ranked by natural ranking are more professional and credible. At the same time, user participation and conversion rate are also higher.


1. The ranking position will be below the auction ranking

Many customers know that for seo optimization, the ranking position is below the bid

2. Long effect time

SEO optimization takes at least 6 months, and the eagerness to achieve success is either to make the website bad or to no avail. Therefore, to do SEO, enterprise CEOs need to have a full understanding and psychological expectations of SEO. Therefore, I still recommend that for traditional enterprises, instead of immediately launching SEO services with them, it is better to do a systematic training to let them understand the pros and cons of SEO and then start our services.

3. No guarantee

Because you are not simply buying ads, you have no way to guarantee how many impressions and clicks your site can get.

4. Big communication cost

SEO optimization needs to involve cooperation with many departments, such as products, design, technology, editing, PR, etc. The communication cost is very large. A good SEO consultant or SEO product manager needs to have strong cross-departmental organization communication and coordination ability.

5. Unstable

Search engine algorithms often change, usually leading to changes in website keyword rankings and traffic, and stability is incomparable to SEM.

6. Eliminate negative news

Imagine if there is a negative SEO message under your SEM ad, is it bad? Usually the influence of negative news is 3-5 times greater than positive news. I have previously served customers of an English-speaking organization, I will not specify it However, they found that the traffic in their brand area suddenly decreased by 20%. When they looked at the search results, they found that the first article on the first page of the natural results was actually a negative that Baidu knew. it is too late. Therefore, you should always pay attention to SEO. Through SEO, you can better consolidate the weight of the search results on the first page. Setting up such a protective barrier can effectively prevent negative intrusions. It’s just that many companies wait for something to happen before they do it.

7. Easier to attract clicks

The natural result is, after all, the user’s visual focus of SERP, which can get more attention and clicks than SEM. According to past experience, the SEO traffic of the first place in the natural result is usually higher than the advertisement of the first place in the PPC.


SEM is search engine marketing. It is a way of online marketing. It mainly carries out website or brand marketing in search engines. Therefore, marketing activities within the scope of search engines belong to SEM.


1. Quick results

Product information works quickly, there is no limit to the number of keywords, and there is no difficulty for keywords

2. Instant flow

Since you are buying search engine ads, your website keyword rankings and traffic can appear and grow within minutes.

3. Precise calculation

There are clear expenses, impressions, clicks and conversions, which can be tracked well. Through data analysis and comparison, CPS or CPA can be clearly calculated, and analysis of these indicators can help online marketers make timely adjustment strategies accordingly.

4. Precise delivery

This feature is very helpful for local businesses, you can go to the designated city in the PPC account background to place your keywords. This can make your potential users more precise and intentional, and also reduce a lot of invalid costs and traffic.

5. Brand Zone

I have to say that Baidu’s brand zone is very good. Once the website buys products, you can quickly gain a lot of user attention, and squeeze all unrelated websites out of the first screen. There are many customized functions in Pinzhuang. You can display the important products or columns of your website first on the search results, shortening the conversion rate path.


1. More expensive

Many companies know that if you want to rank higher on Baidu, you need to bid. If you bid, you must have a budget in the early stage of promoting users. After all, it is a game of burning money.

2. It takes effect only when you spend money

Unlike SEO, once SEM stops spending, traffic will stop. There is no mercy at all, and there will never be a “snowball mechanism” similar to SEO. If you compare SEO to playing the piano, the longer you play, the more skillful you are and the better the effect; and SEM is to spend money to invite someone to play, although it can also bring wonderful audition enjoyment, but to yourself Say, there is no growth, and once you ca n’t afford it, all the wonderful music is marked with a rest.

3. Less user coverage

Because search engines clearly distinguish the difference between search ads and natural rankings, most users are reluctant to click on SEM ads at all, which results in SEM user coverage is very limited. A large number of studies have shown that at least 70% Clicks come from the SEO natural ranking, so for companies, while doing PPC, SEO optimization must not fall, SEO traffic not only has a wide coverage, but the quality of traffic is better than SEM.

4. Click fraud

Click fraud is malicious clicks. I do n’t need to explain this. In such a highly competitive Internet, click fraud often occurs. Although search engines have some filtering mechanisms, they ca n’t be prevented by 100%. This also means that you have to pay for some “robot customers”, huh, huh.

5. Low trust

SEM advertising users are less trustworthy than SEO, for the reasons already mentioned above, so sometimes think about it, the phrase “free is the most expensive” is still unreasonable.

to sum up:

The above are the main advantages and disadvantages of SEO and SEM for personal analysis. Anyway, I always feel that the strengths and weaknesses are the king. If SEO and SEM can be integrated together, finding an experienced search marketing consultant can bring you online marketing to your company. Huge benefits and minimize risks.

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