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What is Google search optimization

What is Google search optimization?The term explanation is to adjust the website by understanding the rules of the search engine to improve the ranking of the website in related searches. The colloquial explanation is to bring traffic through search engine optimization or use keyword advertising to bring traffic.This is search engine optimization.

The simple explanation is this, the complex explanation needs to be extended to many places, so the content of this article is mainly the user’s search intention and the operation principle of the search engine.

If you want to make effective use of search engines or keyword advertisements, then you need to have a certain understanding of the basic principles of search engines. As for other methods to improve rankings, let ’s put them aside for now.

One of the reasons why users use the search engine to obtain information is convenience, and in order to give users a better experience, and at the same time, in order to retain users, through various instants, list the best search results that meet the user’s needs and the best quality.

Similarly, keyword advertisements are also based on the user ’s search. If the user searches for a keyword, the advertisement of another keyword pops up. The satisfaction of the search user will naturally decrease, and the click will also be low. How much will affect the advertising revenue , Resulting in no output from advertisers ’inputs, and no one is happy.

So SEO marketing is not just a question of how much to do, but also a question of quality.

Keywords as core

SEO should start with the behavior of search users. Users enter words or phrases in the search engine to search. These words and phrases contain keywords related to your products and business, so you want the search engine to bring users to your relevant pages.

To achieve this, you are even willing to pay search engines (keyword advertising), which is a keyword-centric marketing strategy.

The widespread use of Rainbrain and AI will change the keyword-centric marketing strategy. However, the ever-changing SEO marketing strategy based on user experience will not be eliminated.

User search intent

Since it is marketing, it fits the model of the sales funnel Puchase Funnel in the theory of traditional consumer psychology.

From the picture, you immediately understand that different users use different keywords or long-tail keywords, let us know where the search user is in the sales funnel model:

· Completely newbie, need entry information?

· Looking for more information, need education and training?

· Compare different products or solutions?

· Already ordered to buy and compare different suppliers?

The first point of SEO is to understand the search intention of the user behind the keyword, so as to decide which (SEO or SEM) means and how much resources to invest in to win the user.

Some keywords have a lot of search volume, but the user ’s intention is not obvious. Judging from the search volume funnel model, the user is still away from the Action stage. Free SEO means are used to strive for the user to be more effective. At the same time, it can assist some CPM ads (thousand impressions) Charge) Increase some exposure.

Some keywords have a small search volume, but the user ’s purchase intention is obvious. In the funnel model, it is at the Desire stage of action. Direct keyword advertising is more effective.

Increase conversion rate

SEO is not about how much traffic to bring. Judging from the current sales funnel model, the final action is on your website. Whether the user will decide to place an order or not depends on the content of the page.

Search engines have understood the importance of conversion issues many years ago, so the introduction of quality scores in SEP rankings and keyword ads to improve the quality of each page is a key step in SEO marketing success.

Keyword ads need to constantly review the effectiveness. The method is to track the conversion of keyword ads, so as to improve the advertising content, bidding, auction strategy, landing pages, keyword matching methods, etc. ring.

But the common ground is that you must understand the search engine operation management to effectively conduct SEO marketing.

SEO marketing and marketing methods complement each other

Various means of marketing are assisting each other, and there is no situation where the two cannot coexist. In the case of limited resources, it is difficult to choose which one is the first, or different industries, the effect of failing is also different.

For example, keyword advertisements increase the number of page visits, increase brand exposure, and have an indirect effect on search ranking. In turn, SEO optimization of the page directly affects the conversion of keyword advertisements.

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