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What should Google search engine optimization analysis do?

How to analyze my website ranking? What keywords do I have on the Google homepage? How to check Google keyword ranking? These questions will be answered in the article soon

Understand the ranking of your website

When building a website, the optimization and deployment of the site is correct, and keywords will be ranked after a period of time. High-quality native content can help you quickly get favored by Google. By deploying long-tail keywords into the title of an article, there is a high probability of ranking the keywords. This is the basic goal of SEO. There will be other unexpected gains: The article may have more than one keyword ranking, so how to query it? Search Google for “SEO check” or “Ranking check” and you will find many free ranking checkers.

Choose the right tool

The results obtained by free tools are often very different from the actual situation. The underestimated data may affect your SEO strategy. In fact, your goal has been reached, but the data given to you by free tools shows that your SEO work is not at all. No results. You should choose paid tools as much as possible under budget. I highly recommend “Ahref” or “MAJESTIC SEO”, and their data is very accurate. All the information you need can be obtained in these paid tools, obviously paid tools are the best.

When your keywords are listed on the Google homepage

Google’s ranking will be constantly updated. If you have the ideal keyword in Google’s first place, then you should get more links to consolidate the position of the first place. If tomorrow, he may descend to the second page or The fifth page.

The advice of SEO experts is: keywords can be obtained when the content is determined, and the height of the keyword is determined by the external link.

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