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Where is the free Google SEO service

Is there a free Google SEO service? Many people want to get free services to save
Operating costs, but in fact there are few companies that can provide free services. SEO optimization company’s operating costs are very high, and providing services for free is just some SEO suggestions, and does not bring substantial improvement to website rankings.

Today we talk about a sensitive topic: the price of SEO services.

First of all, I just talk about our own operation and pricing methods, which may not be applicable to other search engine optimization service providers.

When I communicate with customers, I often feel that the price of search engine services often exceeds the expectations of the customers themselves. This shows that most people do not know much about SEO ranking work, they think it is a very simple thing. Next, I will talk about the main factors that determine the price of personal SEO projects.

NO: 1 How much time does it take to optimize the website?

The time required to optimize a website depends on many factors. For example, the size of the website? Is the website static or dynamic based on the database? Is the structure of the existing website reasonable? Is the design of the existing website appropriate? What about the text on the website? Do we need to start from scratch? There are modifications based on the website and so on. These will cause the time spent on the site to be different.

Some people may think that website optimization is pediatrics. In fact, website optimization is very serious and time-consuming. We need to do market research, analyze the websites of all major competitors, adjust the website structure, manually check and optimize each page, rewrite or write the content of the page, find links, observe optimization results, analyze traffic, adjust optimization strategies, and so on.

NO: 2 Industry and competition

Of course, the more competitive the industry, the more time it takes, and the harder it is to improve rankings. At the same time, the fierce competition in the industry will also bring a lot of uncertainty. This uncertainty includes the possibility to test and modify different optimization techniques, to obtain more backlinks, to have more auxiliary means, and so on.

NO: 3 The value of website ranking on the first page or the top five

Every commercial website will definitely bring benefits when it is ranked in front of search engines under important keywords. And this potential benefit is also one of the factors that determine the price. I’m telling the truth from a business perspective.

For example, a website that ranks among the top five in an industry can earn a profit of 100 yuan a year from search engine rankings. If we put your website ahead, it is unlikely to charge only 10 yuan. Otherwise, why do n’t we promote our own similar website and then make all 100 yuan profit? Although we wo n’t charge 100 yuan, we will consider this factor.

NO: 4 Is the time we spend optimizing the customer’s website worthwhile

Customers must understand that they are buying professional services, not cheap labor. Our time is calculated in hours. The fee we charge per hour must be at least equal to the profit we can make by building and promoting our own website. Otherwise, why don’t we spend time on our own website?

Of course, this is just a reference, not that the absolute number of prices must be equal to a certain value. Some website promoters and SEO workers will use low prices as a selling point. But I want to tell people who are interested in SEO honestly that the price to pay for SEO will be the price of a professional service.

NO: 5 Our own salary level and living expenses

We are in Singapore, and of course the fees we charge are calculated based on Singapore ’s wage and consumption levels. For example, if a person spends a month on a client ’s website, the fee charged must be at least the salary of a Singaporean professional, plus reasonable profits.

Some customers will argue that SEO workers in India charge much cheaper. We can do nothing about this. If the customer trusts the Indian engineers, we also suggest that they may try it.

NO: 6 Our own time schedule and interest in the project

It should be said that we are quite picky in this respect. One bottom line that we usually don’t tell customers is that we don’t actively seek SEO projects. If customers need it, they must recognize our conditions and prices and believe in our strategies and methods. If the customer cannot reach a consensus with us on all cooperation matters, we will not force it.

The facts tell us that if customers have any doubts, it will be the beginning of many troubles in the future.

So the first few words I communicate with customers are often to remind customers that the price of search engine optimization will be relatively high, but it is worth the money.

If the customer feels that he can’t recover the funds invested in SEO in a few months or at most a year, then he can be sure that his website’s profit model is problematic.

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